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"Give us 15 minutes per week and we'll effectively show You how-to develop an atmosphere where spiritual discovery can take place. By creating an atmosphere where children become fascinated with Bible stories, their inquisitive nature about spiritual things can be sparked and nurtured. "

Doreen and Robert Henry

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Surveys tell us that in this Church going nation, many Christian parents are poorly equipped to teach Bible Stories to their children.

"They feel primarily responsible for the spiritual development of their children yet at the same time feel poorly equipped to bring their children to faith." David Socha, head of one2believe says, "Over the years I have heard from many parents and friends that want to teach their children Bible stories, but are unsure of the stories themselves.

This year as part of our mission to teach 10 million children Bible stories our ministry one2believe has decided to put the 50 greatest stories together and make it available to anyone who wanted them, free."

Besides being a great resource for parents, the stories give pastors and Sunday school teachers a way to introduce the children in their church to the Bible in an easy to understand format. "We have found that for many children the size of the Bible can be a little overwhelming, our hope is these stories will get them excited about their faith and lead them into further learning." Socha adds.

"This Company has a heart for children. They have made a product that encourages children to open their Bibles. What a great resource for parents, grandparents, or anyone who has children in their life. I give this product my highest endorsement." Jack Hayford, Pastor, Church on the Way

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  • Turn their hearts toward God.

  • Introduce new and unique resources designed to help teach more creatively.

  • Learn faster and retain what is learned.

  • Strenthen communication skills with suggested questions for comprehension and discussion of each story.
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